About us

Ram Training Ltd is a small business based in Droitwich in the West Midlands. The conceptual ethos from the beginning was always to provide training with a no fuss approach. We realised that the market place was crowded with other training providers who all seem to offer the same type of package irrespective of the needs of the customer. We understand that not all organisations have the same needs so we pride ourselves on listening to the clients’ requirements and delivering training best suited for them. Many potential clients and delegates feel underwhelmed when confronted with power point and classroom based training. We try hard to reduce class sizes in order to offer more instructor time.

We see the importance in professional discussion and practical exercises to confirm learning. The value of allowing staff to exchange experiences helps to develop relationships, respect and confidence. Continually we get feedback from the client and the delegate alike, how they had found our style of training rewarding.

The instructor team all come from an Army background. The skills they have acquired as Army instructors suits our style of teaching. They take great pride in preparing and delivering great training.

Key Benefits of working with us

  • Training suited to meet your needs irrespective if you are representing an established organisation or have individual needs.
  • We have a team of qualified instructors, who are task driven and care passionately about your professional development.
  • Assurances that we will research your organisations roles and work environment to ensure that the training we deliver is relevant and to the point.
  • If you are a service leaver or member of the armed forces regular or reservist we will offer you an unbelievable deal all for the cost of your Standard Learning Credits (SLC). Just call us to ask about current packages.

Next Steps

For companies or organisations call or e mail us to establish a dialogue we will be delighted to direct you to other organisations that have used our services.

If you are a service leaver or member of the armed forces regular or reservist call us for advice and course dates, we can offer a clear pathway to using Standard Learning Credits to offset the cost of your training. Speak to your RAO about SLC and if you are a reservist discuss it with your PSAO or AEC.

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Roy FitterRoy Fitter Director Ram Training Ltd

Roy Fitter is the founder and owner of Ram Training Ltd and a serving army reserve officer with 11 Signals (West Midlands) Brigade as the project officer for  “Op Reflect” (Op Reflect is an army initiative to engage with local government and civilian organisations, within the West Midlands to help fund and co-ordinate First World War acts of commemoration).

Roys’ military background and operational experience has enabled him to scope and plan a number of innovative ideas and by utilising his key skills has enabled him to engage with clients to analyse their needs and deliver tailored training to their requirements.

Living in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire with his wife Maxine, Roy has two adult sons, one working full time for Ram Training as the Operational Manager and his second son is a member of the Royal Marines. In his spare time Roy enjoys reading, walking and the occasional pint with friends.