Should civilians take the time to learn how to deal with the aftermath of a terrorist attack or is it the responsibility of only the emergency services?

Citizenaid is a combination of common sense. Learning a few simple procedures and a few first aid techniques to save life. Probably the biggest difference between your standard first aid course and citizenaid is about improvisation.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of a terrorist bombing or a shooting attack is grim. A member of the public will be confronted with lots of casualties all in 1 place with a range of life changing injuries. Psychologically it is difficult to deal with this without some form of training. Why do the armed forces train with amputees? Because its realistic training and it conditions the mind to deal with the real thing.

Terrorists attack us when we are the most vulnerable in a crowded place? Because the chances of killing and maiming is easier and the attack will create greater fear.

Ram Training Wins Highways Award

On the front line: Army-inspired training wins industry award

Eurovia UK’s industry-leading training course to protect employees from aggressive behaviour in

roadworks has been recognised with its third award in 12 months.

The conflict resolution course won the Site Safety Initiative category in the 2015 Highways Magazine Excellence Awards in October. This follows the Road Surface Treatment Association’s health and safety award earlier in the year and a Eurovia UK Innovation Award last year. Developed in collaboration with ex-army trainers, the course was praised as “an innovative approach to a long-standing issue”. The judges added: “The company looked outside the box for a different provider to deliver a fresh solution.”

The company’s workforce has faced growing aggression in recent years, culminating in 52 cases of verbal abuse and 11 cases of physical assault in 2014.

Piloted that year before being rolled out company-wide, the conflict resolution training has been well received by employees on the front line. The joint venture companies have also started running the course and highway authorities are following suit.

“The value of this training is down to the skills set of RAM Training’s ex-military personnel,” says Dave Campbell, Health, Safety & Environment Director, “and in turn they are building civilian careers. It’s a positive story for everyone.”